Hand Care

Hand-some Bottles meant to last
The glass bottles of the hands care solutions (the softening hand wash, the exfoliating hand wash and the velvet hand lotion) are refillable vessels. As they are meant to be lasting hence familiar, they were designed so that their character enhances our everyday gestures. These bottles are a first steps of a sustainable policy.
  1. Eau Rose Hand Cream 45ml
    USD $45
  2. Best-seller
    Velvet Hand Lotion
    USD $64
    Out of stock
  3. Best-seller
    Softening Hand Rinse
    USD $62
  4. New
    Refill - Softening Hand Rinse
    USD $35
    Out of stock
  5. New
    Refill - Velvet Hand Lotion
    USD $38
  6. Best-seller
    Exfoliating Hand Rinse
    USD $62
  7. New
    Refill - Exfoliating Hand Rinse
    USD $35
    Out of stock
  8. New
    Eau Capitale Hand Cream 45 ml
    USD $45
  9. New
    Do Son Hand Cream 45 ml
    USD $45
  10. New
    Fleur de Peau Hand Cream 45 ml
    USD $45
  11. New
    Rinse-free hand wash 45ml
    USD $35
  12. New
    USD $50
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