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Body Care

The Art of Skincare
diptyque places its savoir-faire as a perfumer at the service of natural beauty. diptyque has mastered the art of capturing active plant molecules, even the most fragile, using slow infusion techniques. Infused into gentle formulas, they reveal their full efficacy in affinity with your skin. These were conceived in strict accordance with a charter of formulas excluding all controversial ingredients.

  1. Best-seller
    Softening Hand Rinse
    USD $65
  2. Best-seller
    Velvet Hand Lotion
    USD $67
  3. New
    Refill - Softening Hand Rinse
    USD $37
  4. Best-seller
    Exfoliating Hand Rinse
    USD $65
  5. Best-seller
    Fresh Lotion For The Body
    USD $62
  6. New
    Refill - Exfoliating Hand Rinse
    USD $37
  7. Best-seller
    Rich Butter For The Body
    USD $90
  8. Best-seller
    Luxurious Hand Balm
    USD $45
  9. Smoothing Body Polish
    USD $72
  10. Best-seller
    Invigorating Body balm
    USD $70
  11. Vinaigre de Toilette
    USD $80
  12. Soft Lotion for the Body
    USD $62
    Out of stock
  13. Best-seller
    Satin Oil for Body and Hair
    USD $65
    Out of stock
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