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When Wax Becomes Porcelain
Imagined by Cécile Bichon and produced by reputed fine porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud in the grandest tradition of French porcelain mastery, this artist's edition is the fruit of a time-consuming process of modelling and double-firing, part of the manufacture’s singular savoir-faire.
Such expertise in firing-up results in a breathtaking white hue and incredible resistance to the passage of time.
For use with classic candlestick sizes.

Height 10 cm, Diameter 11 cm

Made in France

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USD $296


Since 1863, this manufacture in Limoges has built an illustrious reputation in its quest for excellence. The famous French Maison constantly develops its technologies and savoir-faire, pushing the boundaries of the art of fire to create exceptional pieces. As they strive to take porcelain where it’s never gone before, Bernardaud’s artisans encounter the most prestigious artists and Luxury Houses the world over. Diptyque has entrusted Bernardaud with a new challenge… adapting the “lost-wax casting” process to porcelain candleholders, so that this staple of home decoration can enchant every interior with its unique white radiance and robust resistance to time.



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