Discover the NEW fragrance: L'Eau Papier...
Discover the NEW fragrance: L'Eau Papier...

Eau Rihla

Rihla means “journey” in Arabic. A journey through the sand dunes ancient ruins and fields of flowers. With the eau de parfum or the hair mist, you can now wear the fragrance in two different ways. The scent transports you to a stroll through the desert, along the Middle East's time-worn paths. Conceived as the chronicle of a long journey, the perfume features notes of leather, iris and wood that change throughout its composition. At first, the spicy liveliness of pink peppercorn and the woody notes of Atlas cedar create a vibrant accord. Then, as iris, vanilla and saffron come into play, the fragrance warms up, softens, takes on the comfort of a second skin.

Eau Rihla Collection

  1. New
    Eau Rihla Hair Mist
    USD $75
  2. Eau Rihla Eau de parfum 75ml
    USD $270
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