Thé / Tea candle

Family: Spicy
Thé / Tea candle
Family: Spicy

Strong, smoky black tea leaves from distant climes. Having crossed the seas, they have absorbed, with time and travel, the scent of spices and other treasures brought back from around the globe: cumin, coriander, pepper... One of the first three diptyque candles.

190 g

Made in France
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Choose one candle, then pair it with another to discover their unexpected olfactory alchemy, which seems to reinvent each scent as it creates a third.

Tea and Leather duo: A ride across the steppes. After journeying over the endless plains, one stops to rest near the samovar with a hot black tea before the odyssey continues. It warms the soul and body with its smoky, spicy accents, intensifying the scent of leather. The horses are already saddled: the road to the dacha is long.Discover the Leather candle

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Size Chart

  •   Indoor - outdoor scented candles   Weight: 1500 g Hauteur: 18 cm.
    120 hours
  •   Colored scented candles   Weight: 300 g Height: 10,5 cm.
    75 hours
  •   Classic scented candles Weight: 190 g Height: 9 cm.
    60 hours
  •   Small scented candles Weight: 70 g Height: : 6,8 cm.
    30 hours

Size Chart

Precautions and Instructions

Precautions and Instructions

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Precautions and Instructions

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