Stone diffusor, Grand Antique marble


This original fragrance diffusor springs from a collaborative endeavour with Serge Binotto. Intriguing yet functional, it combines the aesthetic quality of hard stones with the simplicity of cold diffusion. Simply infuse the woollen felt in the aluminum dish, place the porous stone globe on top and turn it to release the fragrance.

Size : 9 x 9 cm

Must be combined with an hourglass diffuser refill which is poured into the aluminum dish soaking the woolen felt in order to diffuse fragrance with each turn of the stone.

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Made in France
USD $295

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Sergiotto is a craft firm from the French department of Ariège. Its speciality is work in marble and semi-precious stones. Serge Binotto conceives and creates unique pieces, hand-made in France. These modular diffusors comprise a stone base (Grand Antique marble, sodalite or zoisite) plus a porous stone to diffuse the fragrance of your choice.


Porous stone sphere and marble base

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