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Made in France

Shell Candle Lid - For small and classic candles

USD $75

Mosaic by the Sea.
Inspired by the technique known as "terrazzo alla veneziana" or granito, this accessory is composed of fragments of black, recycled seashells bonding to a white mineral base. Molded and then polished to reveal a pearl-like luster, each object is utterly unique, and boasts its own random, contrasted pattern.
Hand-crafted in an artisans’ studio in Britany, France, reputed for their eco-conception of objects using recycled seashells: material that’s both long-lasting and heat-resistant.
For use with 190g candles, this lid can be combined with diptyque’s shell octagonal stand.

Size : 8 x 1,3 cm

Made in France

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Starting with the idea that waste can be a resource, Boutures experiments with new materials and contemporary artisans. For diptyque, Boutures reveals the emerging genius of a studio in Britany, France, specializing in recycled seashells. An eco-responsible approach that extracts real value from waste, artisan techniques and design, from the selection of the seashells all the way to the final result of enchanting and surprising decorative objects. In ultra-limited edition or as short runs. After having been cleaned and crushed, the morsels are mixed with a mineral base. Once poured into molds, the objects are then dried in the open air for several days before polishing. The neo-material obtained evokes granito, or “terrazzo alla veneziana”, composed of stone and marble fragments and cement… a savoir-faire that has existed for centuries.


Designed for a 190g candle
Materials: Mussel shells and white mineral binder
Weight: 120g
Size: ⌀ 8 cm

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