An iconic oval to top the iconic standard candles...

Last Call: Shanghai Candle (Only 20 remaining!)

Family: Floral
Last Call: Shanghai Candle (Only 20 remaining!)
Family: Floral

Osmanthus, Green Tea

Discover a city's unique spirit through the perfumed notes of a candle...

The scent of the Shanghai candle is closely linked to a Chinese tradition: deliciously perfumed osmanthus flowers complemented with notes of green tea like a homage to the tea ceremony.

Limited quantities dropping 17th September online and in stores.

Made in France
USD $74
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The glass comes in a symbolic color range: the deep red of Chinese lacquer is decorated with blue porcelain foliage. It is displayed in a box designed as an ode to the beauty and refinement of Huxinting, Shanghai's oldest tea house.

City Candles Collection

Raw materials

Osmanthus, Green Tea

Olfactory accident

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Size Chart

  •   Indoor - outdoor scented candles   Weight: 1500 g Hauteur: 18 cm.
    120 hours
  •   Colored scented candles   Weight: 300 g Height: 10,5 cm.
    75 hours
  •   Classic scented candles Weight: 190 g Height: 9 cm.
    60 hours
  •   Small scented candles Weight: 70 g Height: : 6,8 cm.
    30 hours

Candle Care

Precautions and Instructions

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