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Le Redouté scented sticks set

USD $75

Le Redouté scented candle as perfumed paper sticks for use on its own or as a bouquet in a vase.

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Inspired by an unprecedented technology, this surprising object offers a new way to perfume your home by trapping the fragrance concentrate in a sheet of paper. Several scented sheets are then rolled together to form a stick with a persistent sillage. Sold with three small paper cones, the perfumed stems of Benjoin scent evoke creativity.The paper stem can be used on its own. A bouquet of them can also be placed together in a vase. The cones and stems can be arranged at different angles to create your own unique sculpture. It is a lightweight, surprising object that offers new ways to diffuse a scent in your home. This object does not require any soaking or flame. It is recommended to use Benjoin scented sticks only with their paper or glass supports.



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