Carousel for candles 190g

Carousel for candles 190g

The diptyque carousel is adorned this year with five lucky charms that glow in the light of the candle. Just like magic, the carousel turns itself from the heat released by the flame.

To position on a 190g candle.
The carousel is sold without a candle to let you choose the scent that suits you best.

Made in France
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USD $60

The golden charms of this carousel pay tribute to all the legends of here and elsewhere: the charms help to divert destiny and promote luck. Five diptyque lucky charms, the number of heart and harmony, accompany happy moments.

Great attention must be paid to this exceptional object at the opening in case of damage at transport. The tassels are very fine and fragile. Care should be taken to position the box flat and not to cover it.

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