Car diffuser with Figuier insert

Family: Fruity
Car diffuser with Figuier insert
Family: Fruity

Elegant and sophisticated, the diptyque car diffuser uses an innovative system of cold diffusion through the vent of your car.

Simply attach to your car's ventilation grill to diffuse the woody fragrance of Figuier, where green leaves, earthy bark, and milky sap mingle with a hint of the fruit.

Made in France
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USD $108

The diffusion stops just as instantly as it started, leaving no trail, allowing you to choose and change scents as you wish.

The diffuser's adjustable metal grill allows you to control the intensity of fragrance in the car.

The cartridges can be kept for up to 3 months after opening, provided the container is properly closed after use. Lifespan of 40 hours continuously, ie up to 80 diffusion cycles (1 cycle corresponding to 1 hour alternating 10min of diffusion and 10min break).

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