Discover the NEW Summer Collection...
Discover the NEW Summer Collection...

An imaginary journey to the heart of Do Son

As a perfect accompaniment to the limited edition Do Son collection, the Werlen Meyer creative studio has produced a short film, that immerses you in the fond memories of summers spent in Halong Bay, Vietnam, by Yves Coueslant, one of Diptyque’s founders. Set to a unique soundtrack by singer-songwriter James Blake, the film brings to life the inspiration behind Do Son, one of Diptyque's iconic fragrances.

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Along the shores of the sea, plunge into the childhood memories of Yves Coueslant, one of the Maison's founders.

Werlen Meyer

From this small seaside pagoda, the fragrance of tuberoses brought back by his mother from the flower market electrifies the senses and transports heart and mind.


The Iconic Tuberose Candle

Werlen Meyer

The salty sea breeze carries the fragrance of blooming tuberoses. Orange blossom and jasmine add a veil of floral freshness. A lightweight, persistent composition like an intimate recollection.


The Limited Edition Do Son collection

Immerse in the blue of Do Son and discover a selection of perfumed creations. To see and experience: a new limited-edition collection, in a dreamy, oceanic colour palette.

Behind the Scenes

The creative worlds of Werlen Meyer and James Blake came together to bring Do Son to life. A memory sketched in pen and piano.

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