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Do Son

As a child, Yves Coueslant, one of diptyque’s founders, spent his summers at a pagoda on the seaside that his father had built in Do Son’s Along Bay. Far from the humid heat of the large port in Haiphong, the air was cooler. The sea breeze carried with it the heady and slightly spicy scent of tuberoses, a favorite of his mother.
Do Son is the embodiment of precious and persistent memories from a childhood spent in Indochina. Memories of flowers, hovering between refreshing and enveloping.

Do Son Collection

  1. New
    Do Son solid perfume
    USD $68
  2. New
    Do Son Hand Cream 45 ml
    USD $45
  3. Do Son Travel Spray
    USD $115
  4. New
    Do Son Hair Mist
    USD $56
  5. Do Son Perfumed Ceramics
    USD $55
  6. Do Son perfumed brooch
    USD $120
  7. Do Son perfumed bracelet
    USD $90
  8. Best-seller
    Do Son Eau de Parfum
    USD $190
  9. Do Son perfumed soap
    USD $35
  10. Best-seller
     Do Son Body Mist
    USD $58
  11. Do Son Eau de Toilette
    USD $108

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