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Message: Exquisite Refinement 
This sublimely romantic and elegant flower is often worm as a boutonniere on a stylish lapel or shoulder strap of an evening gown. The famous British dandy, G. Brummell started the trend among high society back in the 19th century. The gardenia is also the symbol of courtesy.
A tropical flower, the gardenia naturally thrives in the wild in Africa, Asia and China. A jasminey variation developed in Japan where it’s called Kuchinashi. In South Africa, they refer to it as Cape Jasmine. All of its names and homelands invite you to travel, just close your eyes and let it take you far, far away.
Its fragrance is brimming with the power and exuberance for which white tropical flowers are famous. It has all the seductive allure of jasmine but with a greener freshness, accented by the sunny side of tuberose.
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