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In Greek mythology, Le Jardin des Hespérides is a westernmost garden at the edge of the world, a paradise tended by the Hesperides nymphs. In their interpretation of this otherworldly realm, the artistic duo known as Carnovsky created a series of fantastical, seductive images that echo the sensual mystery of Eau des Sens. Move the green, blue, and red filters over the images to reveal the colorful secrets of the Jardin des Hespérides: its luxurious vegetation, curious animals, and swooning nymphs.

Explore the luxurious garden of the Hesperides nymphs, a fantastical world imagined by Carnovsky, the Milanese design duo. There, trees in the orchard bow under the weight of ripe fruit, and the sublime scents of orange, yuzu, lemon, and green mandarin fill the air.

hourglass diffuser
fleur d'oranger 2.0

Constantly innovating, diptyque reinvents the concept of home fragrance with the hourglass diffuser. Its gentle, floral, orange blossom scent evokes radiant beaches on the Mediterranean and memories of childhood summers.

l'eau de néroli

When it's time for the neroli harvest in Calabria, the air in southwest Italy is heady with orange blossom. When combined with the scent of bergamot lemons, which also grow in the region, pollen, and crisp green leaves, this exuberant fragrance is a hymn to la dolce vita.

hair mist
Eau des sens

Light and delicate, this hair mist leaves an invisible yet intensely scented veil of fragrance on the hair. It features a new incarnation of Eau des Sens, whose bright and zesty perfume is enhanced by fresh, spicy notes.

oyédo eau de toilette

Oyedo is inspired by Edo, Japan's ancient, imperial city, and its name combines the sharp vivacity of yuzu zest with the refined grace of a Japanese garden. At the heart of the fragrance, yuzu's rarefied elegance is warmed by succulent raspberry and spicy thyme.

scented candle

Choisya is the scientific name of Mexican orange blossom. Bright, bittersweet, and powerfully irresistible.

l’eau des hespérides

Divine guardians of a secret garden filled with "golden apples," or citrus fruits, the Hesperides nymphs live in joyful harmony at the edge of the world… A creation inspired by mythology and fruit, this is a sparkling, green scent, where bright citrus, enlivened by spicy notes, results in a dashing and supremely elegant fragrance.

What are the Nymph's What are the Nymph's

beauty secrets beauty secrets

le jardin des hespérides I


le jardin des hespérides II


In search of golden apples


What are the nymphs' beauty secrets?

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