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Eau Rose Hair Mist

Family: Floral

Eau Rose Hair Mist

This limited edition Eau Rose Hair Mist, printed with the Roses collection pattern, celebrates the Centifolia rose and the Damascena rose. Light and delicate, it both enriches the hair and perfumes it.
Sublime transparency Light and delicate, this hair mist leaves an almost undetectable yet intensely scented veil of fragrance on the hair. Enriched with nourishing, protective camellia oil, it is a product that both perfumes and beautifies. Its graceful rose scent possesses a soft, downy quality, as if its petals had just emerged from a silky cocoon. After washing your hair, rinse it with cold water to strengthen the capillary fibers. This will help your hair more effectively absorb the hair mist.
diptyque delves into the history of perfume, reinventing textures to create new ways to wear scent. Its aesthetic goal is to make fragrance and its accompanying emotions--so often invisible and ethereal--tangible and tactile. Whether an eau de toilette, perfume oil roll-on, body mist, or body balm, each item in the collection is specifically designed to provide the ideal amount of fragrance appropriate to its form and texture. The concentration of scent in each product may provide sufficient fragrance on its own, depending on the mood and the moment. Fragrance in all its forms...


$52.00 /30ml

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