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Aubépine / Hawthorn candle

Family: Floral
Aubépine / Hawthorn candle
Family: Floral

This tiny white thorny flower is the ancestor of the rose, but its fragrance is quite different. With a hint of bitter almond and a dusting of powdery honeyed pollen, a flowery, rounded scent emerges. One of the first three diptyque candles.

190 g

Made in France
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Choose one candle, then pair it with another to discover their unexpected olfactory alchemy, which seems to reinvent each scent as it creates a third.

Hawthorn and Roses duo: The springtime of a poet These flowers have inspired countless poems and songs. The rose for its grace and beauty, and the hawthorn for its delicacy and magic. Or is it the other way around? As a fragrance, their scents complement each other, the second soothing the fresh floral heart of the first with its almond, powdery touch. Discover the Roses candle

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Size Chart

  •   Indoor - outdoor scented candles   Weight: 1500 g Hauteur: 18 cm.
    120 hours
  •   Colored scented candles   Weight: 300 g Height: 10,5 cm.
    75 hours
  •   Classic scented candles Weight: 190 g Height: 9 cm.
    60 hours
  •   Small scented candles Weight: 70 g Height: : 6,8 cm.
    30 hours

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