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Set of Two Small Candles And Carousel

Set of Two Small Candles And Carousel

This year's carrousel is adorned with five lucky charms that glow in the candlelight. As if by magic, the carrousel rotates when the heat is released by the candle's flame.

The carrousel accompanies two 70g emblematic scents; Baies and Roses.

Made in France
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The golden charms of this carrousel pay tribute to all those Western and non Western legends: the coins helped divert destiny and promote luck. Five diptyque lucky charms, the number of heart and harmony, accompany happy moments.
The candles in this box perfume homes with their floral notes. The Roses candle is like a rose bush brimming with fresh flowers in May, while the Baies candle is an interpretation of a bunch of freshly picked blackcurrants, with green leaves and some rose petals. The carrousel can be used with one of the two candles in the box or with our classic collection.
Tip: Great attention must be paid to this exceptional object upon upacking it. The charms are very fine and fragile. Position the box flat and do not to cover it.

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