Protective Pine Candle

Family: Woody
Protective Pine Candle
Family: Woody

diptyque has created three new candles, each carrying a wish for the new year: protection, luck and harmony. Our Pine Candle will wrap its protective aura around those who light it, featuring notes of Siberian and Balsam pine, cedar, and aromatic notes of basil and sage. The green colour symbolises hope and decorative lucky charms of the shooting star, the dream catcher and the beetle protect against malevolent spirits.

This 190g candle can be decorated with a carrousel.

Made in France
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Discover the universe of lucky charms, where protection, luck and harmony are at the heart of this year’s collection and our Maison’s wishes to you for the new year. The scents and colours of the three candles are rich in tales, rites and virtue. The olfactory notes of Protective Pine refer to pine's longevity; green even in winter, and associated with a constant happiness. Basil and sage are known for their beneficial properties, especially during periods of extreme cold. The lucky symbols that adorn the candle refer to ancient spiritual beliefs. The tiger, imbued with a positive energy, devours the harmful spirits to allow the light to be reborn. The beetle, formerly carved in a green jasper, represents immortality and keeps death away. And the coral worn in beads, shelters from spells and dangers.The colour green is associated with hope and promises of renewal. It is a sign of spiritual regeneration, where the body and the mind are well protected.

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