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Car diffuser with Fleur d'oranger insert

Family: Floral
Car diffuser with Fleur d'oranger insert
Family: Floral

Elegant and sophisticated, the diptyque car diffuser uses an innovative system of cold diffusion.
Simply attach to your car's ventilation grill to diffuse the sublime scent of Fleur d'oranger/Orange Blossom, a blend of the bark, leaves, and fruit of the citrus tree.

Made in France
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The diffuser's adjustable metal grill allows you to control the intensity of fragrance in the car.

Each insert lasts for up to three months after opening, as long as the container is properly closed after each use. When used continuously, each insert will last for 40 hours, with up to 80 cycles of scent diffusion (1 cycle is equivalent to an hour, alternating between 10 minutes of scent diffusion and 10 minutes' pause).

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