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34 boulevard saint germain Eau de Toilette

Family: 34 Collection

34 boulevard saint germain Eau de Toilette

This fragrance came about as the result of a mad idea: capture the scent of the original shop at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain and make it into a perfume. A place or an interior always has its own mood. Capturing an image of it on a fabric or in a sketch is easy enough. But making it into a scent and concentrating it in a bottle is something else altogether. But the entire olfactory soul of the boutique is there: the spicy, amber and woody notes of the furniture and kilims and the scents of the brand’s candles and fragrances. With the advent of advanced technology, diptyque has become a thief of scents.

Did you know?
To recreate the flagship boutique’s olfactory soul as a perfume, diptyque used headspace technology, a method for capturing the odour compounds of a place, an object or a flower.

Olfactory collection: woody
Raw materials: amber/patchouli accord, rose, cinnamon
Olfactory accident: blackcurrant buds

Each fragrance purchase will now include a matching sample. Use the sample to test the fragrance on your skin before opening the full-size bottle. We will gladly accept unopened returns within 14 days of original purchase.

$110.00 /50 ml

$170.00 /100ml

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Burn Time

The first time you burn your diptyque candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours, until the whole top is liquid with wax. This will help your candle burn more evenly the next time.

  • Standard Candle: May burn up to 60 hours.
  • Mini Candle: May burn up to 30 hours.
  • Colored Candles: May burn up to 90 hours.
  • Large Indoor/Outdoor Candle: May burn up to 150 hours.

Realign the Wick

After blowing out your candle, re-center and straighten the wick.

Trim the Wick

Before lighting your diptyque candle, trim the wick to 1/4-inch length. By shortening the wick you allow it to burn more slowly and also avoid unsightly black smoke marks around the edge of the glass.


Never leave a lit candle unattended. This could be a fire risk. Always place your candle on a level, heat resistant, non-flammable surface away from fabric or drapes. Choose an area free from drafts to avoid uneven burning. Do not place your candle on a marble or glass surface. If the bottom of the hot candle glass comes in contact with a cold material, the glass may crack.

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