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Family: Woody


1930, on an ocean liner linking Marseille and Saigon. On the upper deck, women dressed in evening gowns linger, cigarette holders in hand. The orchestra plays in the lounge: first waltzes, then the Charleston. Time expands. From his childhood memories, Yves Coueslant, one of diptyque’s founders, preserved the sounds, colours and above all, fragrances. Memories of the mild tobacco of the Egyptian cigarettes smoked by the most elegant ladies. The smoke would rise upward in wisps, mingling with the powdery scent of their make-up.

Did you know? The Khedive was an iconic Egyptian cigarette brand in the 1930s with a sweet, fruity tobacco flavour.

Olfactory collection: oriental Raw materials: honey, opoponax, cinnamon Olfactory accident: iris accord

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