Do Son Limited Edition Set

Family: Floral
Do Son Limited Edition Set
Family: Floral
This box highlights different ways to perfume with the iconic scent Do Son: Eau de toilette, shower oil, solid perfume and perfume patch.
Each gesture can be used on its own or accompanied by one or more others in the manner of superimposed veils. The material is scent, the scent is matter.
Made in France
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Four ways to be perfumed with Do Son: the iconic eau de toilette, the shower oil to gently perfume the skin, the solid perfume to apply on pulse points of the body and a novelty, the perfume patch, to be worn directly on skin for a decorative wear. Contains: 30ml Eau de Toilette, 15ml Shower Oil, Perfume Patch, 3.6g Solid Perfume

Raw materials

Tuberose, Orange blossom, Jasmine

Olfactory accident

Marine accord

An enchanted world

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pochette suprise

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