Carousel set with two candles Baies and Feu De Bois

This box includes the emblematic Baies and Feu de Bois candles 70g with a magical accessory, to festively dress up your home interior.

The candles that complete this set perfume interiors with their floral and smoky notes. Baies evokes the tangy freshness of blackcurrant berries with floral accents of rose, while Feu de Bois recounts the crackling of a fire that burns in the fireplace in winter.

Placed on one of the candles, the silver carousel spins around in the heat of the flame. The wonderful animals are sketched on each of her sparkling tassels.

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USD $130

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Carousel to be placed on one of the two 70g candles in the box: Baies and Feu de Bois.

At the diptyque point of sale, the carousel box can be made up of two 70g candles, to choose from among all our candle scents.

- Great attention must be paid to this exceptional object when opening and during transport. The very fine tassels are fragile.
- Light the candle then position the carousel.
- Do not touch the carousel when the candle is lit.

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