Unlock the diptyque Archive Collection on August 22nd…
Unlock the diptyque Archive Collection on August 22nd…

Decoration story

Advent Amusements

When it comes to the thrill of preparing for the holidays, no place plunges you into a winter-wonderland of marvelous surprises better than the fantastical boutique on boulevard Saint Germain. Knowing (and secretly hoping) that one trip will not suffice, we spoil ourselves; we return again and encore; we let our imagination wander and welcome the unexpected with eyes and hearts wide open. Whether to prepare the perfect feast, find a marvelous gift, or why not, treat oneself… this year, diptyque invites you to enjoy enticing offers and magnificent moments. Here are just a few sparkling ideas to fill your calendar with holiday wonder.

Wax Waxes Wonderful

To end the year with fanfare, diptyque’s star raw material, wax, escapes from its glass confines to transform into stunning objects for the interior. Like this Medici vase in wax, or this series of candle holders portraying the pieces of a chess board… And wax continues its ascension to new heights in holiday merriment with these photophores decked in bronze by Osanna Visconti, or these hand-dripped ceramic beauties by artist Cécile Bichon.

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