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Message: Sensuous Profusion 
Generous in every way, the tuberose moves people instantly and irresistibly. It is often used to decorate newlyweds' doorways and bedchambers in India. It's enchanting, alluring fragrance ignites people's innermost desires.
These towering scapes grow to over 3 feet tall and were first discovered in India and Mexico several thousand years ago. Considered to be the most powerful fragrance in the entire plant realm, it was naturally Louis XIV’s favorite flower. It has been cultivated in Provence ever since it was introduced in 1632, a turning point in the history of the perfume industry when this exotic aroma stirred the senses like never before.
The tuberose has a rather unusual ability to renew its fragrant particles for more than 48 hours after being picked. In the wild, the blossoms exhale an exotic freshness as well as a heady warmth that’s almost addictive.
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