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Lily of the Valley

Message: The Return of Happiness 
The tradition of offering springs of lilies of the valley on May Day dates back to the French King Charles IX who was the first to initiate the gesture by giving one to his mother, Catherine de Medicis, as a good luck charm. Ever since then, the lily of the valley has been considered a talisman and it's twelve tiny bells ring in the return of springtime happiness.
This perennial plant prefers cool, shady areas, thriving in the underbrush. Its roots spread out to form a vast network deep in the soil and its blossoms form a blanket of white bells just above the surface. If it is happy where it sprouts, it can live for more than 60 years. If not, it discretely dies off.
Referred to as a “silent flower”, it refuses to render its fragrant essence, forcing perfumers to recreate it using their vast olfactive palette. Its tone echoes that of delicate green notes followed by transparent, watery floral notes.
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