Ombre dans l'Eau Eau de Toilette Limited Edition

Family: Floral
Ombre dans l'Eau Eau de Toilette Limited Edition
Family: Floral

Telling the story of daydreams, a calm river, a summer slumber under a weeping willow... Roses and blackcurrant berries gathered into a perfume: the herbaceousness of blackcurrant leaves, the acidulated fruity accents of buds and the floral intensity of the rose. A nature-filled moment to savour.

For this limited edition collection, diptyque collaborated with digital floral artist Bas Meeuws. Together, they reinterpret the iconic floral fragrances of the House in the form of modern still lifes, using hidden details to reveal the story behind each scent.

100 ml

Each fragrance purchase will now include a matching sample. Use the sample to test the fragrance on your skin before opening the full-size bottle. We will gladly accept unopened returns within 30 days of original purchase, free of charge.


L’Ombre dans L’Eau as visualised by Bas Meeuws

A fragrance bursting with fresh-cut roses, bunches of blackcurrants and branches adorned with green leaves. A few berries are tilting downward, others already rolling across a stone bench. The vase has just been placed here, as though the artist were just starting his composition after resting beneath a tree. A weeping willow, possibly? On the bench, a carved hand recalls the origin of L’Ombre dans L’Eau. Green, fruity and acidulated, the fragrance captures, in a nature-filled moment, the scents of berries and roses gathered in a garden.

Bas Meeuws

Bas Meeuws was born in Heerlen in the Netherlands. He defines himself as a digital floral artist. Styling himself after the great Flemish still life painters, he uses his camera to capture the beauty and grace of flowers, the delicacy of their lines and colours. Then he arranges them into impossible bouquets, liberated from flowering times and seasons, each creation becoming a sublimation of nature.

Raw materials

Rose, Blackcurrant buds, Petitgrain

Olfactory accident

Blackcurrant leaves

alcohol denat. (sd alcohol 39-c) - parfum (fragrance) - aqua (water) - citronellol - geraniol - linalool - limonene - eugenol - benzyl alcohol - citral - farnesol - coumarin - bht. vol. 80°

Impossible Bouquets

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