Eau Capitale Solid Perfume

Family: Chypre
Eau Capitale Solid Perfume
Family: Chypre
diptyque is paying tribute to Paris, its birthplace. Available as a limited edition, Eau Capitale solid perfume is a further addition to this celebration, with pattern that echoes the central motif of the collection. This Fragrance Gesture is inspired by the enfleurage technique used in times past to capture the principle scent of flowers. Its alcohol free wax is a scented balm that is applied with the fingertips, revealing the intense fragrance of the chypre rose in Eau Capitale.


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Directions for Use

For greater diffusion, apply the solid perfume on your pulse points, where your body gives off the most heat: on your wrists and inside your elbows, at the base of your neck, behind your ears and your décolleté.

Did you know?

The Fragrance Gestures draw their inspiration from the history of perfume, reinventing textures to offer a new approach to personal scenting. It is a way to make the invisible sensual, and the ethereal tangible. Each of the gestures – eau de toilette, body mist or body balm – has a specific concentrate designed to offer the best olfactory rendering depending on its formulation. With its high concentration, it can be used alone depending on the moment and the mood. Matter becomes scent, scent becomes matter...

Raw materials

Rose, Bergamot, Patchouli

Olfactory accident

Pink peppercorns

The Origin

La Collection

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