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Black spiral tumbler

Nivyne x diptyque

Glass-blowing workshop Nivyne has created this pair of tumblers, their generous curves accentuated by a flexible black line traversing them. The interplay of these spirals in glass creates a hypnotic pattern that will catch and transmute the light falling on your table.

Heght: around 9,5 cm; Diameter: around 6,5 cm

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Realizzato in Francia
60 €

I negozi diptyque Decorazione


Nivyne is a glass-blowing workshop using techniques involving torches and located in the Vendée in France. The workshop's expertise is derived from the work of two generations of glass-blowers. Wilfried Allyn, a passionate master glassmaker, is constantly inventing and revising artisan techniques conceived specifically for his profession. His medium of choice, borosilicate glass, is noted for its complete transparency and beautiful white gleam, its toughness and its heat resistance. For diptyque, he has created an exclusive series of nested glasses with spiralling shapes.

Materie prime

Vetro borosilicato

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