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Coing /Quince candle

Family: Fruity
Coing /Quince candle
Family: Fruity

The comforting, autumnal, luscious scent of delicious quince jelly being made in the kitchen.


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Raw materials

Olfactory accident

Size Chart

  •  Large Indoor / Outdoor Candles Weight: 1500 g Height: 7 in.
    May burn up to 150 hours
  •  Colored Candles Weight: 300 g Height: 4 in.
    May burn up to 90 hours
  •   Standard Candles Weight: 190 g Height: 3.5 in.
    May burn up to 60 hours
  •   Mini Candles Weight: 70 g Height: 2.5 in.
    May burn up to 30 hours

Precautions and Instructions

Precautions and Instructions

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