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The skin benefits of the Infused Face Serum are due to technological innovations. The antioxidant properties of jasmine and the rejuvenating ones of jojoba were extracted with a technique inspired from the enfleurage that resulted in an exclusive active substance: Floracera. The solid stick format of the serum invites a new ritual: massaging the skin in small circular movements… also refreshing! As a diptyque signature, it is a jasmine and rose perfumed serum, with toning notes of pink pepper.

For daytime and night-time lounging


French illustrator and ornamentalist Pierre Marie transforms motifs into material. The Do Son pagoda, the swan from L’Ombre dans l’Eau and the ornamentations of L’Eau escape from their bottles to spread themselves across cotton ensembles. This summer, poetry means light clothing that can be worn as a set or with the themes mixed. Swans come face to face with pagodas, colours combine in surprising ways. A fresh wind of freedom breathes new life into the motifs.


Spring is in the air

diptyque is pleased to offer you an Eau Capitale Eau de Parfum 10ml and a small Roses Candle 70g by entering the code: BLOSSOM.
The scent of rose bushes brimming with flowers : some are just opening, others are in full bloom, their petals beaded with dew. Create your own intimate garden, at home.
Gift with purchases of £100 or more.
Available on diptyqueparis.com until 7th of June 2020 or whilst stocks last. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
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