An Exclusive Preview: receive a complimentary sample of our UPCOMING fragrance with any order.

Limited editions

Scented Duos
To introduce our scent duos, diptyque created five, limited edition gift sets, each handsomely decorated by Maison Pierre Frey, the storied French fabric and wallpaper house. Five exquisite pairings to inspire infinite combinations...

New arrivals

LYS AND NARGUILÉ, twilight in a Moroccan garden
Discover Lys and Narguilé, two new additions to diptyque's repertoire of 49 candle fragrances. Burned together, their scents mingle and banter, like a conversation between two lovers in a desert garden at twilight...

The collaboration

diptyque x Pierre Frey
diptyque's creativity focuses on pleasing the senses through a constant interplay of colors, patterns, and scents. Illustrating this principle is diptyque's latest collaboration with Maison Pierre Frey, the storied French fabric and wallpaper house steeped in over a century of traditional craftsmanship. diptyque chose fabrics and prints from their collection to illuminate the olfactory world of each candle.
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