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A new travel ritual

The electric wall diffuser

The Un air de diptyque collection bringing another fragrant ritual to enchant your daily life. Enriching this collection is the electric wall diffuser, both aesthetic and practical, it is designed to be a perfumed niche.



This season, diptyque presents a brand-new collection of decorative objects crafted with the most noble and natural materials. Beautiful chunks of marble cradle semi-precious spheres for the cold diffusion of enticing fragrances; writing supplies proudly boast graphic lines beneath the multicolored halo of paperweight gems in recycled glass. Woolen fabrics warm our homes…and hearts; vases in Murano glass, turned upside-down, transform into scintillating photophores, and wax sculpture vases wrap our flowers in a tender embrace.



A floral memory between lightness and voluptuousness

diptyque is pleased to offer you the Do Son hair mist. Light and delicate, this Hair Perfume leaves an intensely perfumed veil on the hair. Enriched with nourishing and protective Camellia oil, it is both a beauty and a fragrance gesture and reveals the freshness of Do Son's tuberose.

Offer valid on any order over £100 using the code: DOSON
Available on until 19th of October 2020 or whilst stocks last. Offers cannot be combined.


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