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Roses Hourglass Diffuser 2.0

Family: Floral
Roses Hourglass Diffuser 2.0
Family: Floral

The diptyque hourglass reinvents perfume for the home. Simply turn the hourglass over for a perfumed, sensory experience. By an ingenious process combining gravity and capillarity, the fragrance flows slowly from one glass bottle to another. Its subtle scents then diffuse, for a singular hour: the diptyque hour.

The fresh and flowery notes of a rosh bush overflowing with flowers.

Height: 19.4 cm, diameter: 10 cm

Made in France
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Designed to diffuse its fragrance in a gentle and slow manner, the hourglass is ideal for perfuming small spaces for several months, such as an office or a library, or on a bedside table to accompany your favorite books.

The hourglass is refillable twice with the same fragrance.

Precautions and uses: turn the hourglass over and allow its one hour cycle to pass without interrupting it. Do not place it directly on a glass, wood or marble surface.

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Olfactory accident

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