Free mini L'Eau Papier Fragrance with all order of £100+. Code: PAPIER2023
Free mini L'Eau Papier Fragrance with all order of £100+. Code: PAPIER2023



Eternal Rose.
Inspired by the rose, this artistic object was created exclusively for Diptyque by bronze-smith Osanna Visconti.
Thorny branches and delicate leaves wrap themselves around the candle for an alliance made in forever/eternity.
Hand-crafted in an Italian foundry according to the technique known as lost-wax casting.
After three passages in the oven, the bronze is finished by hand. Each piece is utterly unique.
For use with extra-large format candles (1.5 kg).
Limited Edition, complete with its certificate of authenticity.

Height 18,5 cm, Diameter 19 cm

Made in Italy

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Born in Rome, Osanna Visconti was raised surrounded by works of art created for her mother by the painter Lucio Fontana, or sculptors Mario Ceroli and Arnaldo Pomodoro. After her studies in fasion and jewelry, and an apprenticeship with a Roman jewel maker, Osanna turned her talent towards creating jewelry in bronze. Animated by a passion for this precious alloy, she then decided to gravitate to a larger scale, creating “jewels for the interior”. The artist applies ancestral savoir-faire well-known to jewelry makers: lost-wax casting. Wax models are kneeded and shaped by hand, the main feature that gives a unique aura to her finished pieces. This initial sculpture is then wrapped in clay, layer upon layer, to create a mold. Once heated, the wax melts and escapes, leaving a vacuum into which the metal in fusion can be poured. After the final chiselling stage, the bronze is ready to receive the final touches and colored patina. Each object is unique. The desire to explore shapes, the taste for timeless materials, fine art and the technique of Osanna Visconti resonate with the universe of Diptyque. The artist bronze-woman creates exceptional pieces with and for Diptyque that can be thought of as exceptional works of sculpted art.



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