Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum

Family: Floral
Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum
Family: Floral

A tribute to the mythical love between Psyche and Eros, which led to the birth of their daughter, Hedone. One scent can convey this legend: musks. At the heart of Fleur de Peau, they are cottony, soft or moist. Highlighted with iris and ambrette seed, they reveal their full tactile dimension.


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166.67€ / 100 ml
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Did you know?

Absolute ambrette seed extract comes from hibiscus flowers. Its notes are extraordinarily rich: sweet, slightly animal, fruity (like pear and plum).

Raw materials

Musk, Iris, Ambrettolide

Olfactory accident

Pink peppercorns

Olfactory landscape

Perfumer and Artist

Fleur de Peau - Diptyque