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L'Eau de Néroli Eau de Toilette

Family: Citrus
L'Eau de Néroli Eau de Toilette
Family: Citrus

In Calabria, at the time of the neroli harvest, the air fills with its perfume. But there is also the fragrance of the bergamots growing nearby, and of pollen and green leaves. An entire orchard in a state of aromatic effervescence, like an invitation to la dolce vita. You can almost hear the soft sound of the foliage while the flowers are picked; it would be lovely to sit down under a tree, to let yourself be lulled by these scents and to slip into a slumber...


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Did you know? 

Neroli owes its name to the Italian princess of Nerola, who perfumed her gloves with the essence of bitter orange, bringing popularity to this sweet, floral scent. 

Raw materials

Neroli, Bergamot, Orange blossom

Olfactory accident


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