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Cream Lys guest towel with fringes

Busatti x diptyque

This floral guest hand towel is embellished with long fringes. Its tone-on-tone jacquard weave features a fleur-de-lys ("lily flower") pattern, a historic motif inspired by the crest of the city of Florence.

A reversible linen creation that typifies Busatti’s refinement and savoir-faire, this durable, high-quality article is made of jacquard fabric woven with strictly natural materials and using traditional techniques.

Size: around 43 x 53 cm

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The diptyque Decoration shops


Busatti Is an Italian family that has been hand-crafting wool, linen and cotton since the end of the 18th century. Now they create household linen and upholstery fabrics, always ensuring that the company's traditions are upheld and that excellence remains the watchword. This one-off, collaborative collection draws on Renaissance influences, with blues and whites featuring prominently.



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