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Made in Portugal



Wax Repurposed .
Designed by Samuel Accoceberry, this most original piece plays with different epochs, drawing inspiration from ancient art forms.
Made of white wax that naturally dons an authentic patina over time, the shape of this piece is enhanced again and again with the Diptyque oval.
Hand-crafted in a reputed Portuguese manufacture.
Designed to contain water.
For use alone or combined with Diptyque’s Médicis Blanc vase.

Height 22,2 cm, Diameter 12,4 cm

Made in Portugal

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Manulena, Waxing Poetic Since 1968, this Portuguese family business, on the outskirts of Fátima, has been producing the most stunning wax the world has ever known. It all began with the founder, Manuel Pedro Custódio, who made novena candles for the Catholic church. Today, Manulena’s mastery in all things wax is intrinsically linked to these roots. Back then, wax had to be of the highest quality if it was to maintain an impeccable allure, withstanding not only time, but the constant solicitation from outdoor processions and indoor ceremonies. And such, for every candle’s entire, combustible life . These advantages remain unchanged, and every object is always manufactured by hand with the help of a mold for casting. The wax is poured into the mold and weaves its own artistic path until solidifying in the desired shape. Diptyque has partnered with Manulena to reveal wax in a totally new light. Neither wick nor fragrance to be found, the magical substance melts into the simplest, or most sophisticated shapes.



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