Naturally exuberant, the new Rose emerges from the Eau Rose - Eau de Parfum.

Eau des Sens

L’Eau des Sens is a composition that creates confusion. It caresses the skin to the point that you imagine you can touch it. When you breathe in its scent, it mixes up your senses, making your mouth water as if it were an indulgent treat, awakening you with its freshness like the sound of a rushing waterfall. L’Eau des Sens owes its originality to the very idea behind its creation: bring together all the dimensions of bitter orange, from the roots to the top of the tree, including branches, leaves and fruit.
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Olfactory family
  1. Best-seller
    Eau des Sens perfumed soap
  2. Best-seller
    Eau des Sens Cleansing hand and body gel
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