Mimosa Hourglass Diffuser

Family: Floral
Mimosa Hourglass Diffuser
Family: Floral

The diptyque hourglass reinvents perfume for the home. Simply turn the hourglass over for a perfumed, sensory experience. By an ingenious process combining gravity and capillarity, the fragrance flows slowly from one glass bottle to another. Its subtle scents then diffuse, for a singular hour: the diptyque hour.

Featuring the velvety and honeyed notes of the mimosa flower.

Receive a free ceramic base with every purchase of an hourglass.

Made in France

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Driven by a spirit of innovation, diptyque has reinvented the concept of home fragrance with the hourglass diffuser. Simply turn it over to begin a diffusion cycle of about an hour and enjoy a scent and sensory experience: the diptyque hour. Ideal to perfume small spaces for several months, until the perfume has totally evaporated, it can then be refilled twice with the same fragrance.

Do not place the hourglass directly on a glass, wood or marble surface.

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