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Fresh Mown Hay candle

Family: Herbal
Fresh Mown Hay candle
Family: Herbal

The scent of stalks dried in the summer sun, mingled with wild herbs and flowers’ honeyed pollen… The aromas of the countryside, at once flowery and herbaceous.

190 g

Made in France
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Choose one candle, then pair it with another to discover their unexpected olfactory alchemy, which seems to reinvent each scent as it creates a third.

Fresh Mown Hay and Hawthorn duo: A walk through the fields. Although the sun has dipped behind the trees, the air is still warm. The tall grasses have already grown back between the large stacks of fresh mown hay. All is golden and green under the blue sky, as the sweet, almondy scent of hawthorn caresses the honeyed notes of the soft straw. Discover the Hawthorn candle

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