Centifolia Candle

Family: Floral
Centifolia Candle
Family: Floral

With the Roses collection, diptyque celebrates the rose in all its forms.
For the first time, a candle captures the essence of the Centifolia rose as it blooms, revealing its fresh, delicate, and discreetly spicy notes.

Also available in 70g.

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Cultivated in the Grasse region of France since the 16th century, the Centifolia rose is also called the May rose for the month in which it is harvested. It comes by its Latin name because of its profusion of petals, said to number one hundred. This lush feature inspired the candle's container design and package illustration.
To fully experience its scent, one must go into a field of roses at dawn in May, just before the harvest...
The Centifolia candle may be lit alone or with the Damascena candle from the same collection.

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