Free mini candle and perfume duo with all orders of £180+. Code: PRESENT23
Free mini candle and perfume duo with all orders of £180+. Code: PRESENT23



Playful Curves.
Designed by Sam Baron, each object is unique and presents a silky surface with a finish of bee’s wax patina.
Hand-turned by artisan woodturner Nicolas Mareau, the shape of this object recalls Diptyque’s lovely and legendary oval.
For use with candles of classic size.
Can be used alone or combined with Column and Baluster models.
Available in three sizes.
Limited edition.

Height 21 cm, Diameter 8,5 cm

Made in France

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Free sample corresponding to your purchase of perfume to test it on your skin before opening it.
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Nicolas Mareau is a reputed artisan woodturner. This extremely rare savoir-faire requires great dexterity. Nicolas’ creative style is entirely focused on this most famous of organic substances. He pays close attention to the feel of wood, the rough edges and veining. Every essence of wood needs to be handled differently. Mindful of the fact that his main ingredient – wood – is not an inexhaustible source , Nicolas prefers upcycling locally sourced, atypical and irregular shards of wood. He strives to sublimate and transcend the substance by creating one-of-a-kind pieces. For Diptyque, Nicolas turned the wood for these candlestick holders in the direction of the wood’s veins, to reveal a natural oval in a playful wink to La Maison’s emblem. The artist also turned the wood used for platters in the opposite direction of the veins, to enhance their lines while adding a touch of the sensual.


Oak Wood

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