Free mini candle and perfume duo with all orders of £180+. Code: PRESENT23
Free mini candle and perfume duo with all orders of £180+. Code: PRESENT23



A Touch of Fantasy.
The oval in a myriad of miniatures, infinitely accumulated in a most colorful pointillistic composition by the French designer Florence Bourel, who drew her inspiration from the illustrations of Desmond Knox-Leet, one of diptyque’s three founders.
Hand-crafted in an artisan’s Porcelain studio in Limoges.
Combined with the oval in colors dinner plate, and with the monochromatic splendor of diptyque’s Basile tableware service, for a table that’s always set with made-to-measure magic and bursting with joyful color.

Diameter : 21 cm

Made in France

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Created in 2008, Non Sans Raison is a recent arrival on the Limoges porcelain scene. A traditional craft studio, it revisits this famous and preciously delicate substance according to the savoir faire handed down by French porcelain manufactures. Porcelain has been made from extra-white Kaolin paste for over a thousand years. diptyque joined forces with Non Sans Raison to revisit its iconic patterns for its tableware collections. This iconic pattern with a graphic design drawn from the decorative arts tradition is concealed and revealed by the immaculate whiteness of this porcelain unlike any other. The dinner plate, dessert dish, tapas plate and serving dish all lend their uniquely graphic grace to this singular, most noble material.


Limoges porcelain

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