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Contemporary artisanal beauty.
Co-created with diptyque by a design duo in Milano, this reversible object is always one-of-a-kind, its patterns rich with random beauty.
Hand-blown and shaped, a vase and photophore have been melded together during firing up. The photophore reveals the oval design of diptyque label fame, through glass speckled with black and white.
Hand-crafted by a family-run studio of artisans based in Venice.
Two uses possible: the photophore is designed for 190g candles; turn it upside-down and it becomes the perfect vase for its partner.

Diameter Photophore: 9 cm
Diameter Vase : 10 cm
Hauteur : 32.5 cm

Made in Italy

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The duo of designers behind Stories of Italy, Matilde Antonacci and Dario Buratto, revisit artisanal techniques from Venice's unique heritage to create singularly contemporary decorative objects. For diptyque, they have developed an exclusive collection of goblets and vases that reinterpret an ancient glassblowing technique known as Macchia su Macchia ("layer by layer"). The opaque and the transparent merge into the most colorful patterns created by the successive application of pigments and shards of colored glass. This technique also evokes the marble and mosaic styles so in vogue in antique Italy.


Murano glass


Clean the piece with a slightly damp soft cloth. If there is leftover wax, leave the piece to soak in hot soapy water and gently remove the softened wax with a soft cloth.

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