Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion

Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion

This limited edition Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion, printed with the Roses Collection pattern, celebrates the Centifolia rose and the Damascena rose. A study in contrasts, this lotion is both lightly milky and yet moisturizing, imparting a silky yet complex rose scent to the skin.

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The formula:

This fine lotion is full of contrasts. Barely milky, like a lotion, it lies nonchalantly on the skin, murmuring its little song of softness. But under its delicate tune, it brings unknown facets of the fragrance to life. The rose infusion is nuanced by particularly sharp, almost lemony, accents. The rose’s green notes can also be perceived, as if the zest of a citrus fruit had awakened a duet of slumbering petals and leaves.
For a scent to last all day long, the skin should be well hydrated. It is the secret to an enduring trail.

Did you know?

The Fragrance Gestures draw their inspiration from the history of perfume, reinventing textures to offer a new approach to personal scenting. It is a way to make the invisible sensual, and the ethereal tangible. Each of the gestures - eau de toilette, perfume oil, body mist or body balm - has a specific concentrate designed to offer the best olfactory rendering depending on its formulation. With its high concentration, it can often be used alone depending on the moment and the mood. Matter becomes scent, scent becomes matter...

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