Receive a complimentary 35g candle upon HK$2,000 with CODE: SCENT. Free Shipping over $500.
Receive a complimentary 35g candle upon HK$2,000 with CODE: SCENT. Free Shipping over $500.


AN ode to /o/
A special link, quite simple in nature, unites all diptyque eau de toilette and perfumes. The question is: is this link a convention, or is it a game? The Maison’s first eau de toilette was called L’Eau, the French word for water. The three letters pronounced ‘oh!’, convey both the roundness of a drop of the precious elixir, as well as, the familiar expression used as a reaction to a pleasant surprise. Each new eau de toilette and eau de parfum created by the Maison since L’Eau that shares this playful naming convention. From, Olène to L’Ombre dans l’Eau, Tam Dao to Do Son, Ofrésia, Philosykos, Volutes and Eau Mohéli: not one of the Maisons fragrances break the fun rule.

A SCIENCE fiction bestseller
Innovative, reinventive, and revolutionary... diptyque’s story is constantly evolving. It’s a saga brimming with unexpected twists and extraordinary surprises. A never-ending story.

1968. While most of the Parisian youth were marching in the streets and overturning barricades, Desmond was cooking up an olfactory revolution, the first genderless perfume! To create his iconic fragrance, he searched for the perfect blend of notes. In the back of the boutique he experimented with exotic spices and fresh flowers, delicate powders and sumptuous oils, heady barks and fresh roots in search for the perfect combination. Neither feminine nor masculine, but appealing to both sexes, L’Eau came to reflect the age that it was born into. An age of disruption and liberation from all conventions. Wearing l’Eau is all about attitude.


A PASSION for classics
Always nostalgic, diptyque constantly journeys into the past to reinvent the art of living through the senses and reimagine timeless beauty rituals.

The “thousand flowers” is an age-old master perfumers’ tradition. At the end of each season the unsold flowers and plants are gathered together to create a unique fragrance, with universal appeal, crafted according to the happenstance of each harvest. Inspired by this perfumers tradition, diptyque decided to give life to the fleeting and singular harvests with Essences Insensées. Depending on which harvest is best each year, the focus is on roses, jasmine or mimosa. For these remarkable Limited Editions, diptyque allows Nature to be the guide.

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