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Easy purchasing

Our stores are ready and eager to welcome you to offer you exclusive services which will help you plan ahead and make your in-store or on-line purchases easy.

Customize your gifts

To customize your candle and perfumes, diptyque has devised accessories, inspired by the story of the House... to give a touch of soul to your favorite products.

The Art of Gifting

At Diptyque the art of giving means an elegant and refined presentation in tissue paper in different color harmonies inspired by the traditional Japanese art of folding.

Take part in our upcoming on-line events

Our experts invite you to discover the history and know-how of the diptyque House and will be pleased to answer your questions during live workshops.


Take part in our upcoming on-line events

Schedule a digital masterclass
04 / 26 / 22 - 8PM to 9PM How to scent your home?

We warmly invite you to join the diptyque Digital Masterclass hosted by diptyque experts to discover a journey of “How to scent your home”. During the masterclass, we will walk through with you ways of re-enchant your home interior, from candles to various diffusing system, creating the desired atmosphere for each space. By understanding the unique specification and secret application of each home scenting objects, personalize a combination that fits your everyday life and ideal intensity of diffusion. Select from a single scent or get a final inspiration from art of scent pairing, find out the bespoke scents for yourself and your beloved.


Customize your gifts

To customize your candle and perfumes, diptyque has devised accessories inspired by the story of the House. These exclusive services are available in certain stores. After receipt of your orders on line, please come to our stores to customize your gifts free of charge.


Make a gift of a candle or perfume inscribed with a personal message, initials, a name, etc. (classic candles only 70g - 190g and Eau de Toilette 100ml - Eau de Parfum 75ml)

Service available in our IFC store

Two colored ribbons and a white ribbon on which a message is written is wrapped around the neck of an Eau de Toilette 100ml or an Eau de Parfum 75ml.

Our IFC, Harbour City and K11 Musea stores provide in-store ribbon printing service; Festival Walk store and counters in Times Square and Canton Road Lane Crawford provide ribbon with pre-printed message.

Write a secret message. It will be hidden inside a capsule which will be sealed in the wax of a classic 190g candle. The message will only be revealed once the wax has melted.

Service available in all our stores

Easy purchasing

Our stores are ready and waiting to welcome you with the greatest care, in strict compliance with the instructions essential for your safety and theirs.

We have arranged for our in-store advisors to be available to listen to your needs and help you in choosing your gifts.

To help you plan your purchases in advance and avoid you having to travel, we offer exclusive services at selected boutiques.

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Make some wonderful gifts

Fascinated by the traditional Japanese art of folding, the founders of diptyque have developed their own tissue paper packaging in various harmonies of colors and gift boxes inspired by this art for each of our products.

Discover the film in which our tissue papers escape from the diptyque store in Bd Germain and take advantage of their Paris left bank escapade to produce beautiful gift boxes!
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