Receive a complimentary 35g candle upon HK$2,000 with CODE: SCENT. Free Shipping over $500.
Receive a complimentary 35g candle upon HK$2,000 with CODE: SCENT. Free Shipping over $500.


QUALITY raw materials
diptyque expresses its singularity even when choosing its ingredients, hunting for only the noblest raw materials to create its works of art. Being demanding means having no limitations, and the substance of dreams is limitless.

Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean basin, Normandy or the heart of Paris… A map of the diptyque ingredients…


HUNTING THROUGH the scent fields
The technical term is sourcing. The new challenge for cosmetics manufacturers is ensuring the right ingredients are used. When diptyque bottles nature’s essence, it is a radical process. In collaboration with its partners – makers of aromas and fragrances – the Maison’s approach is sustainable and ethical.

L'Eau de Mohéli celebrates ylang-ylang. In partnership with the Givaudan Foundation, diptyque is working with local farmers on the Comoros archipelago’s tiny Moheli island to protect the endangered flower species from entirely disappearing. The Maison is creating firewood nurseries for the distillation process to prevent deforestation, which would threaten the fragile bloom’s survival.

The most noble and subtle types of vetiver are found in the Haitian countryside. Its exceptional quality is what sparked the reorchestration of Vetyverio in an Eau de Parfum. This vetiver is certified ECOCERT – organic fair-trade production that’s socially and environmentally responsible. Committed to this project initiated by the Givaudan Foundation, diptyque supports a cooperative group of 300 vetiver farmers. The value of this initiative is not only commercial, vetiver is now recognized as an effective way to prevent the erosion of the island’s volcanic land.

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