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A pink monochrome painting

The fresh and floral notes of the lotion underline the rosy accord of l'Ombre dans l'Eau. An ode to the rose like a monochrome painting. The scent is revealed in all its complexity: bright and spicy but also wonderfully delicate.

Ombre dans l'Eau
Eau de Toilette
Eau Rose hand
hand body Lotion
30 ml - £55
200 ml - £55

A floral and sensual sketch

The heart wavers between tenderness and voluptuousness... the orange blossom and fruity accents of Eau des Sens are nuanced with a new sensuality by the tuberose of Do Son, like a faintly sketched charcoal nude whose curves tease the eye.

Do Son
Eau de Toilette
Eau de Sens
Hair Mist
30 ml - £55
30 ml - £42

A surrealist flower

From the encounter of l’Ombre dans l’Eau balm with Philosykos emerges a surprising floral note, green and nuanced with a fruity note. A hybrid flower, half-fig, half rose, evoking a surrealist portrait born of a poetic collage.

Eau de Toilette
l'ombre dans l'eau
Body Balm
30 ml - £55
200 ml - £60

a chiaroscuro of wood

Tam Dao's sandalwood is transformed in contact with the lively notes of the Philosykos fig tree. Its warm and creamy accents are cooled and lightened with a touch of green as if one might detect the leaves and branches of the tree itself. An unexpected and contrasting woody encounter.

Eau de Toilette
Philosykos Hand
Hand Body Lotion
30 ml - £55
200 ml - £45

The sandalwood in watercolor

When l’Eau des Sens blends with the hues of Tam Dao shower balm, the painting’s olfactory nuances change again. It retains the lightness of a watercolor but now the orange notes take on a new vibrancy with a hint of pepper brought by the spicy sandalwood of Tam Dao.

Eau de Sens
Eau de Toilette
Tam Dao
Shower Body Balm
30 ml - £55
200 ml - £30
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